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I guess you can say I sort of stumbled into the world of jewelry-- a stunning component of fashion that pretty much came out of nowhere and swept me off my feet.  When I was 19, I was given the opportunity to model and move to New York, which I found pretty funny, considering that I was a lanky, awkward, and unaware teenage girl...but I digress :).  In the big city, I learned a lot about myself, and am grateful for the world that the industry opened my eyes to.  But after a year of falling in love with fashion, and out of love with modeling, by God’s grace I found jewelry.

Upon my return home to Los Angeles, I decided to explore my newfound love for jewelry at FIDM.  There, I learned how to render, to design in 3D, to fabricate in wax and metals, and to find inspiration in abstract places.  And though, on the educational surface, I learned the basics of design, I quickly realized that jewelry without business is nothing more than a hobby.  With that, I forced myself to then grasp the business world—quite a painful stretch for the creative thinker. 

Now here I am, in the collision of all paths.  It’s amazing to look back now and see how life’s unknown territory is just a training ground for what’s ahead. 
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