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/ Friday, May 18, 2012 /

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This week, my mom, fiance and I went to our wedding tasting! It was a lot of fun and we left the venue feeling super full. At the tasting, there was a bunch of h'orderves, salads, main courses (buffet style!) and cake to munch on. Some were good, some were gross. There was this flatbread pizza I really wanted to have, but when I tasted it, it... smelled like a stinky shoe. Yuck. By the end of the night, we tasted some things we'll use and are still figuring out the rest.  It just felt so relaxing to be a guest for once and not the bride, you know?  

pearls on rotation
Cat's Eye
As for the design portion of the evening, I've got a couple exciting things to report!  All week, I've been staring at this design, trying to figure out what to use as center stones.  At first, I played with the idea of using a white opaque stone-- it's classy, modern, fun.  But then as of...three hours ago, the vision of pearls came into the picture because how awesome would it be to modernize the classic pearl necklace? Unfortunately, after a couple of test runs, the idea was more...theoretically beautiful.  That is, until during one of our inspiration spurts, we came across this interesting stone-- the cat's eye. It's still classically white, like the pearl, but also refreshingly edgy.  A great compromise between the classic and cool bride, don't you think?

What brides out there prefer pearls over diamonds for their wedding day?


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