DIY: Lucky Inspired Kitchenware

/ Friday, March 30, 2012 /

In the latest issue of Lucky, we came across their “How To: Organize Your Stuff” feature and were instantly inspired.  From butter dishes to cutlery, there were great ideas! So we thought we’d share two of our favorite tips with you.  Along with pieces we’d totally use ourselves!
We know. All this time we thought cutlery organizers were reserved for the knives in our lives.  But it’s time we think outside the drawer and use it for much prettier things—like our precious metals! The long compartments are ideal for stashing the baubles we wear occasionally, while the smaller parts are perfect for rings and bangles.

We can’t believe it’s not butter! No, but really. Because who knew that you could use the pretty little tableware as a unique jewelry box? So go! Run to your antique store and keep a lookout for that vintage looking butter dish—sparkly things deserve sparkly treasure chests.   


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