DIY: Bejeweled Push-Pins

/ Friday, February 17, 2012 /
Photos via The Little House Blog and Home Made Simple

When it comes to jewelry, one rule need apply: keep the bauble peace! But when broken pieces start flooding the sparkle box, what's a girl to do? Well, sure enough, we at Courtney Kaye have got the remedy.  Simply gather the loose pendants and lonesome earrings-- it's time we introduce our office space into the equation!

1. Raid a classroom or dig through office drawers--  amass all the thumbtacks you can find!  TIP: it's best to use thumbtacks with a flat head-- they're easier to glue pieces onto!
2. Clean out your jewelry boxes and collect the broken pieces (unstrung necklaces, chain-less pendants, single earrings...even vintage buttons!). The bigger the piece, the better the hold.
3.  Using a hefty adhesive, glue the pieces on top of the thumbtack and let dry.  TIP: Gorilla Glue is best! Glue guns don't hold as well.

EXTRA CREDIT: If you're feelin' extra crafty, grab a framed cork board; paint, bejewel, or varnish it; and stick your new push-pins in to create another piece of organizational jewelry art! Since these pins are more decorative, they're great to hang jewelry off of! 

Gorgeous push pins and a decorative bulletin board? Really takes "inspiration board" to a whole new level, doesn't it? Enjoy! 


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