DIY: Framed Jewelry Art

/ Friday, January 20, 2012 /

Here at Courtney Kaye, we’ve got a pretty big affinity for ornate details and filigree swirls. That’s why we love ourselves a good vintage picture frame!   Even better? One that can double as an earring display! So dig up the gloves, and dust off the craft tools, ladies, we’re taking a trip to “DIY-ville”!
  1. Grab a decorative frame from your closet, thrift shop, or furniture store. (Courtney got hers at Ikea!)
  2. Pick up a window screen (or chicken wire!) from the closest thrift shop, hardware store…or farm, haha?
  3. Get rid of the glass and the cardboard backing
  4. Staple the screen/wire to the back of the frame.
  5. Hang your earrings!

Tada! It’s another piece of functional art.  Now, instead of having piles of unused frames at the back of your closet, you’ll have a gallery filled with sparkling gems in no time! Cool, eh?


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