DIY: Courtney in Wonderland

/ Friday, December 16, 2011 /

For this week’s DIY, we thought that we could channel Martha Stewart and bring a bit of the kitchen into our organizational endeavors.  Using tiny bowls, teacups, and saucers, you can create a whimsical drawer with sparkling personality.

1.    Collect cups, saucers, or bowls with quirky designs—you can scavenge through cupboards, dig through antique stores, or even visit a Target! The possibilities are endless
2.    Pick out a drawer big enough to house multiple cups, saucers, and bowls.
3.    Line the bottom of the drawer with colored felt or velvet fabric.
4.    Place the items into the drawer in a nonchalant order to keep it relaxed.
5.    Organize your jewelry accordingly! Tip: Hang your earrings off the edge of the cups/bowls for easy access.

Now you have your own little tea party in the comforts of your bedroom. Super easy and totally reminiscent of our favorite Mad Hatter! Enjoy!

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