How I Wear My Courtney Kaye: The Student Diaries

/ Thursday, November 3, 2011 /
For the next five weeks, we’ll be showing how different girls with different styles work the Courtney Kaye line. We’ve dubbed the series, “How I wear my Courtney Kaye.” Catchy, huh.

Who: Jenny Robles
Occupation: Student
Style: Laidback Classic

Why do you love Courtney Kaye Jewelry? 
“Essentially, I’m a pretty big fan of things that don’t normally go together.  Some call it mixing and matching—I’ve deemed it Sesame Street rebellion.  But for the sake of style, I guess I could define my everyday look as classic with a girlish twist.  Leather and stripes are my best friends, cardigans are absolute saviors, and vivid scarves make for great, makeshift pillows.  When it comes to accessorizing, anything gold or sparkly is an absolute godsend—I look to these babies for that much-needed pinch of femininity. CK’s Electrum pendant is a necessity for my formulaic mode of dressing—I love long-chained necklaces that pop against dull canvases.  The Crystalline earrings add polish to messy buns, while these delicate Agate Lace bangles mix beautifully with my go-to man watch.  And as for the Filigree bow ring? The contrast of black and gold is the kind of elegant statement I crave—it just brings everything together!”


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