DIY: Adios, Bangle Blues

/ Friday, November 4, 2011 /

It’s that time of the week, ladies and gents—Friday! Which brings us to our first organizational project.  It’s super cute, super easy, and recycle-friendly.  We’ll call it the Bangle Bottle Organizer!  Um, we may need to think of a better title…  

First, let’s gather what we need to bid adieu these bangle blues:
  • Glass bottles—picture something similar to those Mexican Coca-Cola Bottles. Or beer. Or Italian sodas! The point is to find medium sized, cylindrical glasses so that your bangles can easily slip through.
  • A small to medium wooden crate/box.  You can give it your own twist by using vintage drawers from the thrift store or old wine boxes from local grocery shops.

We love the fact that you can place this on top of your dresser or vanity for a bit of added d├ęcor.  But if you want to hang it against a wall for that “framed painting” effect, all you need to do is drill two, evenly spaced holes on top of the box, slip a sturdy rope through the holes, and double, triple, or quadruple knot! Last but not least, slip on your bangles so that the bigger bracelets are on the bottom, and the smaller bangles are up top. And voila! It's your own functional piece of art!

We’re excited to hear how your project fares! So let us know! Happy Friday, everyone! 

Photo courtesy of Decoratrix 


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