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/ Thursday, October 20, 2011 /

I am, you could say, excited. Ecstatic? Absolutely! That’s what happens when you let a girl talk about design and, even closer to my heart, jewelry. As a fellow fashion admirer, I’m sure that you (like me) are eager to ask, “So what?” or “Why should I follow her?” My answer to that is simple—let me invite you to join in on a journey that has exhilarated me ever since I started in the fashion industry.
For the last few years, I have been inspired. Some of it came from my own searching, but most of it came from the friends and mentors who taught me to love fashion with redefined depths. I want to share that, and pass on a contagious hunger for design and style that will hopefully encourage others to cultivate their own unique adoration for jewelry!

So please, join me on the brink of my Courtney Kaye adventure —an experience sure to be filled with personal takes on jewelry, fashion, travel, inspiration and, simply, real life. Enjoy!!


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